$414.74 (GST in included in the price)

Nūma Breathwork Immersion February 23-26, 2023

Join us for a rich weekend of curious adventures woven seamlessly into a transformational journey that will expand your mind, open your heart, rejuvenate your body, and inspire your soul.  This Immersion is ONLINE!

In this Immersion, you will:

  • experience 3 Nūma Breathwork journeys
  • experience a confidential, loving healing space
  •  learn how your body's tensions and habitual breathing patterns may be representative of your stored stress and trauma
  •  foster deep relaxation, resolve stress and increase energy
  • cultivate clarity of mind, heightened awareness and connection to self, others, and life
  •  experience layers of guided explorations that will co-creatively support you in recognizing limiting beliefs, processing and digesting old emotions and stresses, and locating new insights and possibilities for your life. 

[ Please note this Immersion is Online.  No refund on purchase if you chose to cancel but if registration is cancelled 72 hours prior to the immersion, a credit for the full amount will be put on file for future use. ]